Week 4: Websites of the Day

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The blog, Websites of the Day, was different than what I had expected. I expected it to be one post a day about a website that the author found to be interesting. It actually is about a bunch of websites each day. Much like the last post, this blog keeps the readers up to date with the news relating to education. It talks about current events like the Teacher Strike in Chicago. However, there are a lot of posts that just post the websites and the author doesn’t talk about what those websites are about. I believe that if he’s going to talk about websites and say that users should go to them then he should say why we should go to them. He shares a lot of websites that he believes are helpful to teachers. I don’t think I would ever post as many things a day as he does but I think a weekly thing would be normal. I believe that posting things that other people would find helpful would benefit for my blog. I think having a personal and educational blog is important because readers can learn about you as well as be educated about other things.

I like how he has different pages in the “Read this Info!” section. One of his pages, “Websites of the Year“, is very cool and I would want to add something like this to my page but it should be updated every year or separated into different sections for each year. Even though it could be tedious to update these things all of the time, it would be very beneficial for the users reading my blog.

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