Week 3: Dangerously Irrelevant

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The blog, Dangerously Irrelevant, is very interesting because it has many varieties of topics discussed in the posts. Personally, I love the name of the website. It’s catching and makes you more interested. The website itself is pretty neat the way it is set up. I love that there’s a popular and latest section because it allows users to look at some examples posts before going through them all.

The thing that really interested me was the tab that read “Did you Know? (Shift Happens)”. The first version under that tab is called “Gone Fischin‘” where he talks about this presentation called “Did you know?”given by Karl Fisch. He presents many ways to view this presentation but the one that most people will likely go to is the YouTube one. However, when you click on the link, it brings up the page in the same tab and goes away from this website. I think it would be more beneficial if this video was embedded in the page on the website because it’s easy to get distracted and forget about what you were doing before watching the video. I know that that’s what I did after watching the video, I started watching other related videos that were listed beside the video.

I like that they posted links to videos because I believe that there are many videos out there that are educational but I think that the videos need to be embedded so that people focus on your website and not Youtube.

This is the video that the post is talking about. It’s very interesting and I love how it talks about multiple topics and things all over the world.

Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization and The Information Age

– edit; This video was not on youtube during the time I uploaded it, and now, it has become a very popular topic of comments. I hope you enjoy the work of these fine gentlemen’s video presentation.

Music Credits:
(1992) “The Last of the Mohicans” off the soundtrack the song is (Elk Hunt/The Kiss), which appears at the end of the film during the cliff scene. [if you haven't seen the film, you should watch it]

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